Roller Derby is Here to Stay

Seattle Derby Brats has experienced exponential growth since its inception, and continues to grow as more girls discover the thrill of roller derby.  And when girls join our SDB family, their parents usually “join” as well through participation in numerous social events and volunteer opportunities.  Whether a derby expert or new to the sport, parent volunteers are the life blood of our organization, serving as coaches, referees, team parents and on our active Board of Directors. SDB maintains financial stability with revenue derived from a variety of sources, including membership fees, merchandise sales, bout admission, and fundraising. Our fundraising efforts include: corporate sponsorship; skater-driven events, such as skate-a-thons and bake sales; and raffles, which are held at Rat City Rollergirls’ home bouts.

Seattle Derby Brats is committed to every girl. We won’t ever turn a girl away due to lack of financial means. 11% of our 2013 skaters receive need-based scholarships. SDB has also covered additional costs to ensure that finances are never a barrier to participation. For example, we’ve paid for insurance fees, concussion testing fees, and equipment. We recently purchased skates for a girl who’d been playing on ancient ones held together by duct tape because her family couldn’t afford to replace them, and we purchased protective gear for a junior referee who couldn’t afford it. A volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Seattle Derby Brats truly commits our resources to our programs and our kids.