New Skater Camp

Photo by Lydia Brewer

Seattle Derby Brats’ 2017 New Skater Camp Registration Now Open!

We are excited to announce that registration for the Seattle Derby Brats’ New Skater Camp is now open for Summer 2017!

Click Here to Register Now:

Skaters with a complete application and paid fees are accepted to New Skater Camp on a first come, first served basis. We recommend everyone complete the online registration as soon as possible, as there are limited slots and a high level of girls experiencing interest in junior roller derby and New Skater Camp.



Tootsy Rollers Camp Session
  • Girls 8 - 11 years old. Skaters must turn 8 by August 31st.
  • Sundays, 1 - 4 pm
  • July 23rd - August 13th
Junior Mints Camp Session
  • Girls 12 - 17 years old. Skaters entering 7th grade through high school.
  • Sundays, 4 - 7 pm
  • July 23rd - August 13th
We know that summer plans can get busy! If the dates for New Skater Camp don't work this summer (darn it!), you can sign up to be notified about next summer's dates.

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Camp is held at the Shoreline Derby Center, more affectionately known as The Rat’s Nest, located at 19200 Aurora Ave N in Shoreline.


The total cost of camp is $200. You can pay for camp either online with PayPal or by check.


If the fees are a hardship, we offer financial aid for qualifying applicants. Please contact our treasurer at to receive the financial aid form.


We use an online registration system.

You can register here:

We strongly recommend that you print and keep the New Skater Camp Handbook, which is available during the registration process. It lists our expectations, required equipment, and the camp location. The Handbook is also considered required equipment.


Required Equipment:

  • Quad skates (4 wheels - no inline skates)
  • Protective gear:
    • Wrist guards
    • Elbow pads
    • Knee pads
    • Helmet
    • Mouth guard (sport standard)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • One black shirt and one white shirt
  • SDB New Skater Camp Handbook must be in gear bag at all practices
  • Please note: hip pads are not required, but recommended
For more information about gear, see the Seattle Derby Brats Resources page.

Where to find skates and gear:

We are still sad about the closing of our one and only roller derby store here in Seattle. Until a new Seattle shop opens, however, these shops are great places to go for skates and gear: Pro Shop, Everett Skate Deck (Everett), Unity Skate Shop (Port Orchard), Hit This! Derby Gear (Salem, OR), Five Stride Skate Shop (Portland, OR), and Skate Shop at Oaks Park (Portland, OR).
For wrist guards, pads and helmets, there are also several skateboard shops that are good to check out, including: Evo (Fremont), Motion (Greenlake),and Gravity Sports (Renton).
And though there are many online derby stores, we confess that we prefer to send business to derby-owned websites, including: Devaskation and Wicked Skatewear.
There are also a few Facebook groups where you can sometimes find used gear (though these are most helpful if you know what sizes and/or brands you need and junior sizes are sometimes hard to come by, they are definitely worth knowing about): Junior Roller Derby - Parent Exchange; PNW Used Derby Gear; and Roller Derby Recyclables. A few of the second-hand sporting good stores, notably Second Gear Sports, occasionally carry used or consigned derby gear. And you can also score great deals on Craigslist, too!


A quick note about skates: 

We do suggest, if possible, avoiding the pink (sometimes purple) and white “Roller Derby” skates available at stores like Kohl’s, Walmart, Sports Authority, Sears, etc.; though these skates are inexpensive, they are very stiff, unwieldy, and make it difficult and frustrating for the girls to learn how to skate. Using the resources noted above and finding a good pair of skates, whether used or new, will go a long way in making sure your skater has a fun and rewarding experience at New Skater Camp.
Upon registration, a more detailed letter will be emailed to you, outlining the details about camp and what your skater will need for camp.

League Tryouts and Regular Season:

Completion of New Skater Camp is required to tryout for the Seattle Derby Brats, but trying out for the league is by no means necessary for attending New Skater Camp. Our goal at New Skater Camp is to help new skaters learn basic skating skills and have fun in the process.
If your daughter does want to pursue roller derby, we will be holding tryouts on Sunday, August 20th. Please be aware that if you miss more than one day of camp, you won't be able to try out (we require that you attend at least 3 of the 4 sessions), unless you’ve made other arrangements with the coach. More information about tryouts will be available during camp.
  • Please understand that attending summer camp DOES NOT guarantee placement on the league. Though we try to accept as many new skaters as our facilities and staff can handle, tryouts are highly competitive.
If your skater makes the league, she will be assigned to one of the following divisions with the following practice schedules:
  • Tootsy Rollers, ages 8-11 years old. The youngest skaters in the league play the sport in a positional-only (not full-contact) version. Tootsys practice once a week on Friday evenings.*
  • Division 1, ages 12-18 years old. Skaters play positional-only (not full-contact) and learn the foundations of roller derby strategy. Div 1 practices as a division once a week on Friday evenings, and as teams on alternating weeks on Sunday evenings. At the start of the season all girls attend all practices.*
  • Division 2, ages 12-18 years old. Higher skilled and more experienced skaters, playing at a full-contact level. Div 2  practices twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.*
*Please note, practice times may change for the new season.


Please contact if you have questions, or encounter any problems. Or follow us on Facebook for more derby-related news!
We hope you will become part of the Future of Derby!