The Seattle Derby Brats empowers girls to be strong, healthy and confident.

We do this through a supportive, inclusive community teaching junior roller derby. We’re the first and largest junior league in this area.

Our league has over 100 skaters and is comprised of 4 divisions:

Tootsy Rollers:
Currently serves 36 of our very youngest players, ages 8-12. At this level, girls gain the skills to skate safely, learn how to work with teammates and coaches, and become positional (rather than full-contact) derby players. Tootsy Rollers teams are the Orange Crush, Turquoise Terrors, Acid Pops, and Lemon Drops.


Division 1:
Positional-only group of our junior players, ages 12-17. These girls learn strategy, expand their skills to become solid positional derby players, and practice the communication and relationship skills that make them good team members. Division 1 teams are the Evil Angels and the Poison Skid’les.


Division 2:
The first level of our full-contact junior derby players, ages 12-17. Our juniors, having mastered basic and positional derby skills, play full-contact derby, learn more advanced strategy, and build solid teamwork and sportswomanship abilities. Division 2 team is the Ultra Violets.


Galaxy Girls:
Our All-Star Travel Team, ages 12-17. The Galaxy Girls represent the very best Seattle Derby Brats against other junior derby leagues here in the Northwest, and throughout the U.S.A. These girls are the future of Roller Derby; many will continue onto adult leagues across the nation.


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Team Photos - 2016-2017 Season

Orange Crush 2016

Tootsy Rollers - Orange Crush

Acid Pops 2016

Tootsy Rollers - Acid Pops

Div 1 - Evil Angels

Division 1 - Evil Angels

Ultra Violets 2016

Division 2 - Ultra Violets

Watch this video to see how Seattle Derby Brats have influnced girls in the Seattle area.

Turquoise Terrors 2016

Tootsy Rollers - Turquoise Terrors

Lemon Drops 2016

Tootsy Rollers - Lemon Drops

Poison Skid'les 2016

Division 1 - Poison Skid'les

Galaxy Girls 2016

Galaxy Girls

Our Teams

Our Coaches

Seattle Derby Brats coaches are some of the best in the Northwest. SDB coaches are members, alumnae and past coaches of premier Northwest adult leagues including the Rat City Roller Derby, Oly Rollers, Jet City Rollergirls, Slaughter County Roller Vixens, Rainier Roller Girls and Tilted Thunder Rail Birds.

We are an entirely volunteer-run organization that relies on community support to reach our fundraising goals. Our current fundraising activities include public bouts, 50/50 raffles, a skate-a-thon, for which skaters request individual per lap or flat support, and bake sales for our travel team, the Galaxy Girls. The Seattle Derby Brats is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that empowers girls to be strong, healthy and confident. We do this through a supportive, inclusive community teaching junior roller derby.

Why we need your support

Seattle Derby Brats is looking for a new home. Our current practice space is being torn down and we are raising money to purchase a new facility. We want to have a permanent home for our league so we can serve our diverse community of skaters for years to come. Please consider making a donation today!

Where your donation goes; Your donation goes toward the purchase of a new facility or toward our operating expenses for the 2019-2020 Season.

What are our operating expenses? Operating expenses include renting track time for practices and bouts, medics from Seattle Children’s Hospital during full contact practices and all bouts, and scholarships for skaters. Seattle Derby Brats provides 10% of it’s skaters with full scholarships every year. We currently serve over 170 skaters age 8-18 in the greater Seattle area.

Do you know about an available clear span warehouse space (min 95'x118') in the metropolitan Seattle area?  Send info @ 

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