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We are an entirely volunteer-run organization that relies on community support to reach our fundraising goals. Our current fundraising activities include public bouts, 50/50 raffles, a skate-a-thon, for which skaters request individual per lap or flat support, and bake sales for our travel team, the Galaxy Girls. The Seattle Derby Brats is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that empowers girls to be strong, healthy and confident. We do this through a supportive, inclusive community teaching junior roller derby.

Why we need your support

Seattle Derby Brats is looking for a new home. Our current practice space is being torn down and we are raising money to purchase a new facility. We want to have a permanent home for our league so we can serve our diverse community of skaters for years to come. Please consider making a donation today!

Where your donation goes; Your donation goes toward the purchase of a new facility or toward our operating expenses for the 2019-2020 Season.

What are our operating expenses? Operating expenses include renting track time for practices and bouts, medics from Seattle Children’s Hospital during full contact practices and all bouts, and scholarships for skaters. Seattle Derby Brats provides 10% of it’s skaters with full scholarships every year. We currently serve over 170 skaters age 8-18 in the greater Seattle area.

Do you know about an available clear span warehouse space (min 95'x118') in the metropolitan Seattle area?  Send info @ 

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Equipment Supply List

Quad Skates (4 wheels - no inline skates) – Check with your local roller skate shop for recommendations on derby skates. Most skate shops and online vendors offer packages which include the boot plate, wheels and bearings.

Helmets - Look for extreme sports, bicycle, hockey, and skateboarding helmets that have a sticker inside indicating that the helmet has been rated for safety standards. Some ratings to look for include ASTM and CPSC, among others (if you're not sure, ask a salesperson).  

Helmets should fit snugly and low on the forehead, and won't move when you shake your head side to side or up and down.  The helmet strap should be worn snugly under the chin, with the excess tucked under and not dangling from the head.

Knee Pads - Make sure that the knee pad fits tight enough so that it will not slide off. Knee pads will compress over time and wear out. You should inspect them regularly for cracks, rips, and exposed rivets. Check with your local roller skate shop for recommendations.

Elbow Pads - Elbow pads should fit snuggly just like knee pads. You should treat your elbow pads just as you would knee pads. Inspection, care and maintenance are essential for long lasting protection.

Wrist Guards - Wrist guards are designed to protect your hands and wrist, they absorb impacts to the hand and give support to your wrists. Some guards have splints on the top or bottom and some have splints on both sides. Like all protective gear your wrist guards need to be sized correctly for optimum support, keep in mind that you will replacing the wrist guards often so inspect frequently.

Mouth Guards - Mouth guards protect against concussions, the inside of your mouth, and teeth. There are a couple of different styles to choose from, most skaters use the boil and mold mouth guards, you may have a custom one made by a dentist or buy a non-molding type typically used by people with braces, this style comes in two options... protection on the top teeth or top and bottom. Night guards are not acceptable.

Hip Pads - Optional. Hip pads protect your hip bones, tailbone, and help to prevent large hematomas. Check with your local roller skate shop for recommendations. Hip pads that have a hard shell are not recommended because they can hurt an opposing skater.