A Brief History of the Seattle Derby Brats


How it all began

Way back in the mists of time... in 2007... the Pathfinder K-8 School in West Seattle (an alternative, option school) started an program to teach skating and derby. When staffing changed and the school had to end the program, Betty Ford Galaxy stepped in to save the day, moving the program to Bellevue Skate King... and forming the Seattle Derby Brats, the second junior roller derby league ever created in the U.S.

The early years

In 2008, SDB practices moved to Lynnwood Bowl & Skate. In 2009, SDB began sharing the Rat City Rollergirls' practice space in Ballard: The Rat's Nest. The league now had skaters with a wide enough range of ages that it was divided in half: Tootsys (Turquoise Terrors and Orange Crush, yes named after the REM song) playing positional, and Juniors (Ultra Violets) playing full contact. At the first Rollergirls' bout at Key Arena, both Tootsys and Juniors did halftime scrimmages.
The movie Whip It was released in 2009. By 2010, roller derby was getting to be so popular that SDB needed to hold their first try-outs for the league Jan. This was the year that the league launcghed New Skater Camp.
By 2011, SDB had so many skaters that it had to divide again, creating Division 1(Evil Angels and Poison Skid'les), playing positional. A travel team was also launched, the Galaxy Girls.

Recent history

Roller derby growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, in Fall 2016 SDB expanded yet again, by launching two new Tootsy teams, Acid Pops and Lemon Drops.  And in Fall 2017 SDB split the UltraViolets from Div 2, making them a 2nd competitive travel team.  Junior Roller Derby is thriving in the Pacific North West where the Portland Roller Girls and the Seattle Derby Brats have two of the largest junior roller derby leagues in the country.
In 2015 our Galaxy Girls claimed their first national title by winning the Female Division JRDA Championship.  In 2016 & 2017 they successfully defended their title to become three time National Champions.